The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. Due to silent keys, a diminished volunteer pool, increased costs, and other factors. The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. The Yuma Hamfest may return in the future in a simpler format. Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years. The past success of the Yuma Hamfest is because of you. Those that have already paid money for 2023 will be issued refunds. - Yuma County Fairgrounds

Rules & Regulations

  1. Because of the close proximity of the County Fairgrounds to the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, we are required to limit RF transmissions. Therefore, we insist that no linear amplifiers be powered up while connected to an antenna. Testing of linear amps into dummy loads is permitted. All amateur radio transmissions must be limited in power level to 100 watts. The military monitors for transmissions. Violators of this rule will be immediately asked to leave the facility.

  2. Vendor and flea market spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  3. The Yuma Amateur Radio Hamfest Organization (YARHO) and the Yuma County Fairgrounds reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone deemed inappropriate.

  4. "Caveat Emptor" (Let the Buyer Beware!) - Vendors are responsible for the quality and condition of the items they sell. Likewise, buyers are responsible for checking the condition of all items they purchase. YARHO makes no guarantees on the quality of the items sold by any vendor.

  5. All vendors (indoors and outdoors) will be required to show identification and have an address on file with YARHO.

  6. All vendors (indoors and outdoors) are personally responsible for being in compliance with all local and state tax regulations. YARHO takes no responsibility for verifying the tax status of vendors.

  7. Commercial vendors (those who sell new products, and not used or "tailgate" equipment) located outdoors must adhere to the same hours as commercial vendors inside the main Theater Building. Sales of new products are permitted only during the hours the Yuma Hamfest is officially open.

  8. This is a hamfest. Radio, computer, electronic and emergency preparedness related items only please. No pornography of any kind may be offered for sale! Your cooperation is appreciated.

  9. Reasonable security will be furnished by YARHO, but we are not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. Please take reasonable precautions to protect your sales items.

  10. Vendors must wear their issued badges when selling items at the hamfest.

  11. It is the responsibility of all vendors to keep their areas free of trash, debris or packing boxes. Trash cans are available throughout the facility.

  12. All fire lanes, access roads, entrances and exits to the hamfest must be kept clear at all times.

  13. Electric outlets (120 VAC only) are available in the main hall and in some outside areas. If you need 120 VAC, you must bring your own extension cords. Extension cords will not be furnished.

  14. After unloading your sales items, please park your vehicle in areas as directed.

  15. The Fairgrounds is a government facility. No alcoholic beverages allowed. Also no ATV's, motor bikes, motorized scooters or skateboards are allowed on fairgrounds property except for use by hamfest personnel. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted.

  16. No left-overs please. If you brought it, you take it home. No computers, monitors, televisions, circuit boards or other hazardous material is to be discarded or placed in any trash container! Very stiff penalties and Hazardous Material Cleanup Fees will be charged to those responsible. A minimum $200.00 clean-up fee will be charged to any seller or vendor leaving trash or debris behind.

  17. All pets must be on a leash. No pets are allowed in any building except working assistance animals. Pet owners are responsible for their pet's waste!

  18. People and their pets are not allowed in the southeast corner of the Fairgrounds, which is a restricted area in the flight path of the air base. The area is fenced off with signs but people still find a way to not notice and we get yelled at by the Fairgrounds management. C'mon man!