The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. Due to silent keys, a diminished volunteer pool, increased costs, and other factors. The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. The Yuma Hamfest may return in the future in a simpler format. Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years. The past success of the Yuma Hamfest is because of you. Those that have already paid money for 2023 will be issued refunds. - Yuma County Fairgrounds

Quotes from Others

We think we put on a pretty good hamfest, and our hamfest committee works year round to plan and improve the event for the following year. But it isn't our opinion that counts. Here's a sampling of what others have said about past years:

"I really enjoy the Yuma Hamfest, definitely my favorite."
Roozy Moabery, W1EH
District Emergency Coordinator, ARES Los Angeles

"You folks have developed one of the nicest hamfests I've been to in my 30+ years as a ham."
Charlie Ristorcelli, NN3V

"Kathy and I thoroughly enjoyed attending and are already making plans for next year. We found the event well organized and with great people keeping it running smoothly."
James Bennett, KA5DVS
Pacific Antenna and

"The annual gathering at the Yuma Hamfest is the highlight of my year."
Kristen McIntyre, K6WX

"You guys run a first class hamfest, you really do. We go to a lot of them every year and Yuma is one of my favorites. The hamfest staff is terrific, traffic is good, etc. You guys should be very proud of what you have created!"
Steve Hicks, N5AC

"Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great hamfest. Even though it doesn't compare in size, I've dubbed it 'Dayton West', as the grounds capacity & support organization both would support a growth of the hamfest to the size of the Dayton Hamvention. Even your prize complement now rivals Dayton."
Bob Dengler, NO6B

"You folks have, once again, run a wonderful Hamfest. Nothing like it."
Gordon Shackelford, AE6QW

"Make the 2½ hour trip to Yuma for one of the best HAM Conventions you’ll ever attend at the lowest price you’ll ever find in support of some of the finest folks in Ham Radio. While you’re there, make sure you stick around for the Buzzard BBQ. Get your ticket for the BBQ early though or you’ll miss out on an excellent BBQ Dinner. Don’t expect to get up and leave right after dinner though. Prize drawings begin Saturday evening after dinner, and I mean prize drawings! They have more prizes to give away than I’ve ever seen at a Hamfest. So many that they normally take well over a half hour to give them all away."
Steve Weed, KO4QT
President, Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon and Quartzfest© Organizer

"I would like to thank you for the excellent hospitality that Ken and I received at the hamfest this weekend. I have to say that I have never been treated better, and I loved the experience. ... We will be back next year. ... Excellent experience."
Doug Hendricks
Hendricks QRP Kits

"Kudos to all involved with last weekend's amateur radio gathering in Yuma: the organizers, the volunteers, the program committee, the speakers, the vendors, the hospitality committee, A very worthwhile event! ... I found a couple of 'bargains' at the vendor tables and a few 'treasures' in the swap meet area! ... My thanks to all of the speakers and vendors, and to you and your crew for putting together a superb event."
Wendell Goring, KN7DTF

"I attended the Yuma Hamfest for the first time since moving to California from Wash DC and was impressed with the number of vendors at this event. Nice array of the major suppliers. This was a much more comfortable hamfest to attend than, say Dayton where it's really difficult at times actually getting to talk with factory representatives to learn more about the products. Yuma was a very 'welcoming' hamfest, staffed with friendly people who did their best to be great ambassadors for the hobby."
Rick Low, N6CY

"Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to you and your great crew. We had a fantastic time at the Hamfest/SW Conference. I hope that you guys will step up again and make next year even better. The facility was great, the seminars were interesting and very informative. Dinner was great. And I have no idea how you managed to get all the raffle prizes. So thanks and hope to see you next year."
Dave Hall, N7ZPY

"Congratulations GREAT event, it was very obvious that you and your staff worked very hard for another very successful ham-fest, so much so that we will be back next year."
Frank Kostelac, N7ZEV

"I want to personally thank the Yuma Hamfest committee for doing such a fine job. We could not have done a convention this year if it was not for you all. Thank you. ... The vendors were happy, lots of merchandise was sold, many hams were walking around with new radios and the door prizes. Must have been 100 door prizes given out."
Thomas J Fagan, K7DF
ARRL Arizona Section Manager

"I'd like to thank the Yuma team for organizing and hosting the ARRL Southwest Conference and Hamfest. I enjoyed it. My wife enjoyed it. One of the best events I've attended in Arizona. ... The Yuma County Fairgrounds provided a great experience for our attendance. The vendor attendance was great. ... Presentation tracks were also well organized and thought through. ... It was an excellent experience overall. Very impressive and set a good expectation of what a conference in Arizona should be."
Norm Johnson, AA7OO
Tech Chair MARCA, W7MOT

"My husband and I attended the 2012 hamfest and had a great time. Thank you and the team for all of the hard work involved in making the event so successful!"
Donna Wilkinson, N6CVK

"Are Hamfests Dying? It sure doesn't seem like it in Yuma!"
Dennis Zabawa, KG4RUL
Public Information Coordinator, ARRL SC Section

"In the Southwest, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the Yuma Hamfest is it!"
Sales Manager of a large national-level radio reseller

"Yesterday was the big Yuma Hamfest and Arizona State Convention, and what a grand time it was ... I enjoyed a wonderful Cheeseburger and a coke for $5. The Yuma folks do a great job!"
WA6MHZ, blog - 20 Feb 2011

"The first day of the two-day Yuma hamfest got off to a nice start. Even for a Friday, there were more people and more vendors and exhibitors compared to last year's hamfest. Having two of the big amateur-equipment manufacturers doesn't hurt things, along with good weather."
Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK/VA7EWK - 19 Feb 2011 AMSAT blog

"At the Yuma hamfest I had spotted some interesting (and affordable) screwdriver antennas and asked the designer to demonstrate one. We went out after closing to the RV camping area, a few acres of mobile stations of all kinds bristling with roughly a bazillion antennas reaching for the zenith ..."
Charles S Russell, KI6RRX - 22 Feb 2011 blog

"Just returned from the Yuma HamExpo. What a great event! The Yuma County Fairgrounds is a perfect place for a hamfest, bar none. There are more than 150 acres of space available for use. Commercial vendors are housed in a building that is three times the size of the one formerly utilized at the Fort Tuthill Fairgrounds. Campers and RVers have plenty of room to set up and can even plug into water and electric at numerous spots around the grounds. There is even a large pole barn available for covered swapping, should you want to be out of the sun during the day and protected from any threat of moisture dripping from the sky. A food vendor was on the premises during the entire event and served breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were even open on Sunday morning for breakfast and coffee.

The Saturday night dinner was delicious and reasonably priced - $10 in advance, $15 at the door. This year's dinner consisted of barbecued chicken or pork, baked beans, coleslaw, a dinner roll and ice tea or water. The meal was capped off with homemade cookies for dessert. Prizes were awarded after dinner and everyone had a great time and wonderful meal.

The main prize drawing was held on Sunday. The grand prize was a new Icom IC7000 with controller, a really nice prize.

We had a great time. It's a wonderful getaway from the valley. The weather in Yuma this time of year is perfect - cool nights for great sleeping and warm, sunny days for hamfesting, visiting and relaxing. Yuma offers numerous things to see and do, shopping is close to the grounds and a side trip to Mexico is a short drive away. Frankly, we're a little surprised that more hams in Yuma don't support this event. Even though the Yuma HamExpo is small, it is an up-and-coming event and has the potential to be the biggest event in the state. So, mark your calendars for February - President's Day weekend - and plan to attend next year."
Chris Kesauer, N7PVL
Squelch Tail Newsletter Editor
Arizona Repeater Assoc. (Feb. 2007 Edition)

"The Yuma Hamfest was great. They had some great seminars, a test session and a wonderful Banquet. We even had several special folks who showed up including Tom Abernethy W3TOM Vice Director Atlantic Divison, Carl Gardenias WU6D Section Manager Orange Section and Cathy Gardenias K6VC Assistant Section Manager Orange Section. Tom was part of the International Order Of Krazies. They all get together at Dayton and Yuma. What a great group they are."
Thomas J. Fagan, WB7NXH
ARRL Section Manager
ARRL Arizona Section News (March 2007 Edition)

"Wow! What a great hamfest! We had a fantastic time at the Yuma Hamfest! Many thanks to all the folks who made it possible!"
Keith Farley, WA8ZWJ