The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. Due to silent keys, a diminished volunteer pool, increased costs, and other factors. The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. The Yuma Hamfest may return in the future in a simpler format. Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years. The past success of the Yuma Hamfest is because of you. Those that have already paid money for 2023 will be issued refunds. - Yuma County Fairgrounds

Country Store

The Yuma Hamfest & ARRL Southwestern Division Convention offers something a lot of hamfests don't, our "Country Store." The Country Store is a way to sell some of your old equipment without having to sit and play salesperson all day. Most of us have some old equipment we're not using anymore and would like to get rid of, but many of us also don't want to rent a table and sit there hoping for the right customer to come along. We'd rather be walking around looking at other people's stuff, to replace the equipment we want to sell, right? So leave your stuff in our Country Store and we'll make every effort to sell it for you.

The Country Store is open on Friday from noon to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We staff the Country Store, an area set aside in the high-traffic main hall, with knowledgeable amateur radio operators who will assist in selling your equipment. If your equipment sells, the hamfest takes a 10% consignment fee; if not, the equipment is returned to you and there is no charge.

The Details

You bring us your equipment that you want to sell and fill out the forms. By doing so, you agree to pay a consignment fee equal to at least 10% of the selling price of the equipment (we give you the option of choosing a higher consignment fee for those feeling beneficent). You specify the asking price of each piece of equipment, and the lowest price you're willing to take. Equipment for the Country Store will be accepted beginning on Friday at 10:00 a.m. or anytime during the hours the Country Store is open. If the equipment does not sell, you are responsible for removing it from the Country Store by 4:00 PM on Saturday, when the Country Store closes. You must reclaim any unsold equipment at that time! For those items which sold, you will be sent a check about a week after the sale.

For more information, see the Country Store flyer

Country Store Consignment Form

Interactive Country Store Consignment Form (fill out using your computer)