The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. Due to silent keys, a diminished volunteer pool, increased costs, and other factors. The 2023 Yuma Hamfest has been canceled. The Yuma Hamfest may return in the future in a simpler format. Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years. The past success of the Yuma Hamfest is because of you. Those that have already paid money for 2023 will be issued refunds. - Yuma County Fairgrounds


The total list of prizes for the 2022 Yuma Hamfest is still growing. However, the grand prize list has been finalized. You do not have to be present to win the grand prizes. However, the grand prize tickets MUST purchased on-site at the event. There aren't any Online or advance sales of grand prize tickets.

Some potential hourly door prizes are listed at the bottom of this page. The prize list is currently in flux. Some prizes may disappear, while others will take their place.

Grand Prizes

Grand prize tickets are $2 each, or six tickets for $10, or fifteen tickets for $20.


First Prize - FTDX-101MP


We believe that hearing a weak target signal in an environment of close strong interference is the most important feat required of HF DX communications equipment in every era. Raising and meeting the goal is the ultimate mission that Yaesu has challenged for over 60 years.

True Performance

Hybrid SDRs (Narrow Band SDR & Direct Sampling SDR)

2kHz RMDR 123dB+

2kHz BDR 150dB+

2kHz 3rd IMDR 110dB+

400MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer)

2kHz Phase Noise -150dBc/Hz

VC-TUNE (Variable Capacitor Tune) signal peaking

3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) visual display

Narrow band SDR & Direct Sampling SDR

Emphasizes Basic Performance and Hybrid SDR Functionality

Includes Digital Processing Generated Real-Time Spectrum Scope














2nd Prize - FTDX-101D









The new FTDX101D is utilizing the latest SDR Technology and classified as our High-End HF line, the FTDX series, which amateurs have come to know represents quality.

A Few Of The Remarkable Features Of The New FTDX101D Are:

YAESU High-Class HF/ 50MHz 100W Transceiver
SDR Technology and Waterfall Display
Large Touch Panel precision color display
Active Band Monitor enables rapid band changes with LED illumination of the operating band
Independent control of the Main and Sub Bands allows effortless operation for the serious contester needing to move quickly between the amateur bands
High-Q VC Tuning Front-End
Main tuning dial for Main and Sub Band frequency control includes an Outer Dial for clarifier, VC tuning, fine tuning or custom settings

The name “101” comes from Yaesu's Legendary-Popular best seller FT-101 series. With all its strength, YAESU produced this new HF transceiver to carry on the tradition of high quality known from the original 101 series. The new FTDX101D will be certain to satisfy the variety of many Amateur Radio Enthusiasts’ demands and contribute to Yaesu's Legacy for Excellence in Amateur Radio!




3rd Prize - IC-7610


Faint signals are no longer a challenge for DXers and Contesters around the world, with the new IC-7610. The difference between putting the QSO in the log or trying another time is the capability of your receiver. The high performance RMDR in the IC-7610 has the ability to pick out the faintest of signals even in the presence of stronger, adjacent signals. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers. Achieving 100 dB RMDR, these receivers rival that of other top-of-the-line transceivers. The IC-7610 also comes with a high-speed, high-resolution, real-time spectrum scope on a 7-inch color display.












4th Prize -  FLEX-6400







The FLEX-6400 offers the latest direct sampling SDR technology at an economical price for the general HF/6m operator yet it offers great performance for chasing DX and contesting.

The FLEX-6400 model is designed for the Ham who wants to operate the radio exclusively as a server from PC, laptop, Maestro, Mac*, or iOS clients — whether local or remote. Both models share the same game-changing band awareness, industry-leading phase noise performance, brick wall filters, and legendary audio performance to deliver you the most fun across a wide variety of operating styles.

With a PC, laptop, or Mac client you can utilize up to two 7 MHz spectrum/waterfall displays and independent receivers to revolutionize your view of the bands. Its two receivers can be placed simultaneously on any band and mode with instant QSY between VFOs. Digital mode operation is a dream with no sound cards, cables, or boxes needed.

FlexRadio’s industry-leading SmartSDR™ software offers compatibility across the entire FLEX-6000 Signature Series family to deliver continuous leveraged software enhancement. And you can use the latest SmartLink™ technology to access your radio virtually anywhere from any SmartSDR compatible client with only a login and password — even your iPhone.




5th Prize - IC-9700


Direct Sampling Brought to the VHF/UHF World

Specifically built for the VHF/UHF weak signal operator in mind, the IC-9700 is a RF direct sampling receiver for 2m and 70cm, with a single, down conversion for 23cm with an IF Sampled receiver between 311 – 371MHz. This design provides a quiet receiver with the power of Icom’s DSP technology along with a robust PA providing 100W on 2m, 75W on 70cm, and 10W on 23cm.

Band Management

In addition to band specific memory channels, the IC-9700 allows band specific receiver and transmitter settings. For transmit, users can make adjustments to RF power, TX power Limit, Limit Power, and TX Delay by band. Basic receiver settings, like the Noise Blanker, Noise Reduction, and others can be tweaked by band with a dynamic Notch and Filter setup by band/mode.










6th Prize - FTDX10








Hybrid SDR Configuration:

The new FTDX10 utilizes Yaesus Renowned Hybrid SDR configuration just like the FTDX101 Series.

The Narrow band SDR receiver emphasizes excellent receiver performance, while the Direct Sampling SDR provides a Digital Processing Real-Time Spectrum Scope.
Main Features:

Narrow Band SDR with 3 types of Roofing Filters
Phenomenal Multi-signal receiving Characteristics

The receiver uses a Down Conversion Configuration with the first IF at 9MHz affording the receiver the ability to incorporate excellent narrow bandwidth crystal roofing filters that have the desired sharp “cliff edge” shape factor.

250MHz High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer affords Quiet and Clear Reception
3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) on the 5-inch Full-Color TFT Display with Touch-Panel Functionality
Front Panel Designed for Superior Operating Efficiency
Remote Operation with optional LAN unit (SCU-LAN10)



7th Prize IC-705

A new hybrid radio. Base station radio performance and functions are packaged in a compact and lightweight portable size. Whether you are taking your hobby to a SOTA, POTA, or some other "On the Air" location, the IC-705 will be your "GO TO" rig!
Output Power:
10W with 13.8VDC external power supply
5W with BP-272 li-ion battery pack
Receiver Type:
Direct sampling
RX Frequencies:
0.030-470.000 MHz
All Mode Radio

From HF to 50/144/430 MHz, enjoy a variety of bands in D-STAR DV, SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. The IC-705 receives continuously from the medium wave broadcast band to 144 MHz band. You can also enjoy FM broadcast and air band reception.
RF Direct Sampling System

The IC-705 uses the RF direct sampling method, which greatly reduces distortion. The high speed/high resolution real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display are incorporated in a compact design for the first time in this class.
Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Waterfall Display











8th Prize - IC-7300













One of the Most Innovative HF Radios Available Today

Amateur radio always embraces new technology and the way receivers are designed. The IC-7300 is no different. In an industry first the IC-7300 features RF, Direct Sampling typical only found in top of the line radio but now in an entry level HF radio. Because of the ability to digitize RF early in the receiver stage noise is reduced. Something IF radios struggle to achieve. Compared to other entry level radios, the IC-7300 easily out performs all others and is in a class all by itself.

Typical Output Power: 100 Watts (25 Watts on AM)
Receiver Architecture: Direct sampling - FPGA Processing
Reception Frequencies: 0.030 MHz - 74.80 MHz

The IC-7300 and RF Direct Sampling

Noisy IF (Intermediate Frequency) transformation architecture is eliminated in the IC-7300. Direct RF sampling is utilized instead. In this process RF signals are directly converted to digital data. An extremely streamlined process. The digital data is then sent to an FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) for processing. The FPGA reduces the need for complex circuitry and simplifies the RF path. A simplified RF path is vital to low noise, clear signals, and better weak signal reception.

Third Order Intercept Point (IP3) is greatly improved and allows the operator to more easily copy weak signals that is often covered up by a strong, adjacent signal. The use of an analog to digital converter (AD) reduces signal distortion and in some cases eliminate it. DX operators will appreciate the ability to copy weak signals others won't be able to hear.



9th Prize - FT-991A

The FT-991A is the next-generation of the widely popular FT-991. Like its predecessor, the FT-991A is creatively designed to fit into a very compact (W9.0” xH3.2” x D9.3”) rugged case and will deliver up to 100 Watts solid output power (50 Watts on 140/430 MHz) on SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet and C4FM Digital on the popular HF/50/140/430 MHz bands.

In keeping with the spirit of the rich performance of the FT-991, The new FT-991A provides Two New Stimulating And Useful Advanced Features - A Real-time Spectrum Scope and a Multi-Color Waterfall Display!

The new dynamic real-time spectrum scope gives radio operators the ability to graphically view the location of signals on the band while they listen to the received audio allowing them to quickly move to the desired signal. The strength of signals on the band can readily be seen on the Multi-color waterfall display. Chronological order color differentiation allows operators to easily recognize weak signals at a glance; signals that might otherwise be missed on the spectrum scope.

These additional exciting functions enable more efficient and satisfying operating time while making important contacts on the crowded HF and 6 meter bands. We believe that the new FT-991A will be widely accepted as an ideal field gear rig by the majority of the ham radio operators who want to enjoy reliable and flawless communication on all the HF and V/UHF bands with just one radio.














10th Prize - FT-891







The FT-891 HF All Mode Mobile Transceiver once again continues Yaesu's legacy for legendary receiver design in a compact package, providing uncompromised performance for both the mobile and stationary Amateur operator. High end 32-Bit floating point DSP enhances the operating experience providing a cleaner, clearer signal and reducing overall operator fatigue creating a more enjoyable environment for any Amateur operator.

Uncompromising Receiver Circuit Design Ensures Excellent Performance
Triple conversion with a 1st IF frequency of 69.450 MHz (SSB/CW/AM
3 kHz roofing filter equipped as standard feature
TCXO provides ±0.5 ppm High frequency stability (-10°C to +50°C)

Stable 100 Watts Output (Adjustable 5-100 Watts)
The FT-891 provides stable 100 Watts (Adjustable 5-100 Watts) & (25 Watts AM Adjustable 5-25 Watts) of high power output. High reliability is assured by the transmitters careful circuit design with efficient thermostatically-controlled Dual internal fans and the die cast heat transferring chassis.


11th Prize - FTM-400XDR


The FTM-400DR/FTM-400XDR is the first mobile introduced to be a fully compatable radio partner for use on the YAESU System Fusion Dual Mode system. Compared to other digital modulation schemes within FDMA, C4FM has excellent communication quality (BER: Bit Error Rate characteristics). C4FM is the standard method for professional communication devices in FDMA, and is therefore considered to be the main stream digital communication mode in the future. Download our "Digital Communications Guide for Amateur Radio Operators" available on our web site that explains more about this efficient and reliable digital mode.
The FTM-400DR operates in three (3) Digital modes and an (1) Analog mode to suit your needs. This feature packed radio is our first Digital Mobile equipped with our new Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function that instantly detects the received signal mode. The AMS function enables stress-free operation and eliminates the need to manually switch between communication modes.













12th Prize - FTM-300DR
















We are pleased to introduce the new 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Mobile Transceiver – FTM-300DR.
The new FTM-300DR provides stable and reliable 50W RF power output. As in recent YAESU mobile transceivers, the FTM-300DR is also equipped with a heavy-duty heat sink that includes our exclusive FACC (Funnel Air-Convection Conductor – Wind Tunnel).
Real Dual Band Operation (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V) is available with two independent receivers, and the FTM-300DR supports simultaneous C4FM digital monitoring for both the A and B bands.
2-inch High-Resolution QVGA Full-Color TFT Display clearly highlights the frequency and operation bands.
With the Band Scope Function, users can monitor up to 63 channels centered around the current VFO frequency in real time. (21 channels in memory channel mode)
Memory Channel Band Auto Grouping (MBAG) is one of the advanced features of the FTM-300DR. Memory channels are automatically categorized in each band, and memory channels can be easily and quickly recalled by 4 Band Groups - Airband(M-AIR), VHF(M-VHF), UHF(M-UHF) and 174-400MHz/ 480-999.99MHz (M-GEN).
3W audio power speaker ensures a clear and crisp audio – that has been specifically tuned for quality audio. Two individual external speaker jacks are provided. Users can output the VFO A and B band Receiver to separate speakers or mix A and B signals when a single external speaker is used.
Built-in Bluetooth unit is installed in the FTM-300DR. This enables the hands-free operation with the YAESU SSMBT10 or a commercially available product. The SSM-BT10 is equipped with a PTT button and also supports VOX operation. Using the new USB charger cable – SCU-41 with the controller of the FTM-300DR, the SSM-BT10 can be easily charged. The SSM-BT10 works for approximately 20 hours on single charge.
The FTM-300DR supports both the WiRES-X Portable Digital Node function and Fixed Node function with the HRI-200. Since simultaneous C4FM monitoring on both VFO A and VFO B is possible, users can enjoy both WiRES-X communications on one channel while monitoring another local channel at the same time.


13th Prize - ID-5100A

ID-5100A VHF/UHF Dual Band D-STAR Transceiver
Designed from user input, the ID-5100 offers an intuitive user interface experience with an industry leading touch screen display. Additionally, the ID-5100 interfaces with Android™ devices and Bluetooth® headsets via the optional Bluetooth® module. The ID-5100A is one of the most advanced dualband mobiles on the market today!
Output Power
50W, 15W, 5W (Hi, Mid, Low)
RX Frequencies:
118-174, 375-550MHz
Memory Channels:
1,000 regular channels, 4 call channels, 50 program scan edges and 1200 repeater memories
Touch Screen Operation
The intuitive touch screen interface provides quick and smooth operation for setting and editing various functions and memories. The 5.5 inch display (320 × 128 pixel) shows a large easy-to-see software keypad, and allows you to input alphanumeric characters quickly. The display responds naturally to the touch allowing you to change settings, enter frequencies and easily edit memory channels.
DV/DV Dualwatch
The ID-5100A has simultaneous receive for FM/FM and FM/DV modes, and the capability of monitoring two DV signals. The main band audio has priority, if two DV signals come in at the same time.

Built-in GPS
Received position information exampleThe ID-5100A has integrated GPS, which allows you to transmit and receive position data from the built-in GPS receiver. Position, course, speed and altitude are shown on the display. Use the GPS position information for exchanging position reports, tracing the GPS log and searching for nearby repeater sites. The GPS antenna is located in the remote head, no external GPS antenna required.
Bluetooth® and Android™ App Available
Install the UT-133A Bluetooth® board and download the RS-MS1A (Android™ app) to enable you to wirelessly connect to the ID-5100A and remotely set the DR functions, link with a map application, and send/receive messages over the DV mode.
















14th Prize - FT-818






The new FT-818 incorporates all the many basic and attractive features of the ever-popular FT-817ND while providing upgrades desired by many existing owners. The FT-818 provides 6W of solid output power with an external DC power source. The supplied Ni-MH battery pack (SBR-32MH) has been upgraded to now provide larger battery capacity - 9.6v/ 1900mAh. The recent launch of several new satellites is a certain indicator that the large global community of satellite enthusiast are going to be very delighted to learn that the FT-818 includes a Built-in TCXO-9 oscillator that gives the FT-818 fantastic frequency stability (±0.5ppm).






15th Prize - ID-52A

The All New ID-52A is a Larger Radio, with a Larger Color Display, and Louder Audio.
The ID-52A is not a replacement for the ID-51A. To the contrary, it's much more! It’s a new way of communicating!
The new Transceiver represents an industry first, a handheld with a beautiful, full color waterfall display and the ability to send photos over the D-STAR network.
Continue to support D-STAR functions
DR Mode for easy access to local repeaters based on the internal GPS information
Functions in Terminal and Access Point modes
Weighing in at a mere 10.4oz (295g)
Has an 80% increase in overall volume to hear in loud conditions.







16th Prize - FT5DR

The new FT5DR is a full-featured C4FM handheld transceiver with superior operability and new sophisticated functions.


Even in a compact body (W2.44” x D1.34” x H3.94”), the FT5DR provides reliable 5W RF power output and achieves loud 1W audio power that has been tuned for quality audio. Real Dual Band Operations (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V) are available with two independent receivers. Large individual LED indicators for A band and B band present the status and communication modes (C4FM or Analog) of each band instantly. The new FT5DR supports simultaneous C4FM digital (C4FM/C4FM standby).








Door Prizes

The Yuma Hamfest also offers a large number of door prizes during the hourly drawings. You must be onsite to win one of the door prizes. Below are some of the hourly door prizes being offered this year. Prize tickets are only $1 each, or six for $5.



Noco Battery Charger

Noco 2nd Generation Battery Charger




Powerwerx Power Supply

Powerwerx 30A Power Supply


Powerwerx Powerpole Bag

Powerwerx Powerpole Bag


View 1


View 2

Baofeng Box View


SeekOne Heat Gun

SeekOne heat gun with Powerwerx shrink wrap box


Powerwerx Shrink Wrap


Oria Scewdriver Set

Oria precision screwdriver set