Feb 17th & 18th, 2023- Yuma County Fairgrounds

Parking at the Yuma Hamfest

The Yuma County Fairgrounds, where the Yuma Hamfest is held, has lots of parking. Twenty acres of parking to be exact. Finding a place to park even the largest of vehicles is not a problem. Best of all, parking is free.

There are two entrances to the Fairgrounds, the south entrance off of 32nd Street (Hwy 80) and the west entrance off of Pacific Avenue. Both entrances have their own parking areas. Large rigs should use the west entrance. If you are camping and will be staying the weekend on the Fairgrounds, enter the west entrance and stop at the registration office on the west side of the Fairgrounds. You will be directed where to park by one of our volunteers.

There is considerable handicap parking on the west side of the Fairgrounds near the main Theater Building. Persons needing handicap parking should enter the Fairgrounds from the west entrance off of Pacific Avenue. The Fairgrounds is mostly grass and smooth dirt and should not be a problem for those in a wheelchair. The Theater Building has a smooth concrete floor.